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20th Century Fox announced its Fear Street film adaptation earlier this year, and now here comes with HBO—an arm of Fox competitor WarnerMedia—with its own stab at modernizing the teen horror of yesteryear. Variety reports that Point Horror—the YA horror anthology that helped launch the careers of R.L. Stine, Christopher Pike, Diane Hoh, and Caroline B. Cooney back in the early ‘90s—is being adapted into a series for HBO Max.


Lionsgate Television and Picturestart are rather hilariously rebranding it as Point Fear, and it will reportedly unfold as an “anthology series that exposes the horrors of being a teenager.” As such, here’s hoping they recruit Bo Burnham for an episode—each, Variety reports, will be inspired by one of the Stine’s books in the series. That’s exciting, but we are bummed they won’t also be adapting the works of the other Point Horror authors. A. Bates’ Party Line would’ve been killer.

Crazy Rich Asians director Jon M. Chu is reportedly attached to direct and, along with Stine, executive produce. Fingers crossed nobody LOSES THEIR HEADS in the process.

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