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Photo: Macall B. Polay (HBO)

Crashing’s Pete Holmes has found stability at last, albeit not necessarily in the way he might have wanted: Holmes announced today that show’s third season—which airs its final episode this Sunday—will be its last, as HBO has opted to kick it off the network’s couch at last.


Crashing centered on a fictionalized version of Holmes, attempting to navigate the world of New York stand-up (and friends’ apartments) in the aftermath of his wife (Lauren Lapkus) kicking him to the curb. Filled with Holmes’ famous comedian friends—including Artie Lange, Amy Schumer, and John Mulaney, who’s set to appear in the series finale—the show occasionally struggled with its obligations to Holmes’ career vs. his imploding personal life. But it was also a frequently smart look at the world of the working stand-up, albeit one capable of calling up Dave Attell and bumming a couch surf off of him for a couple of nights.

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