(Photo: Mike FANOUS/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)

It continues to be a no good, very bad month for HBO on the cybersecurity front, with a hacking group seizing control of the company’s social media accounts for several minutes earlier tonight, posting messages like “Let’s make #HBOHacked trending.” The attack—which also hit the Game Of Thrones Twitter account—comes after rumors that the company tried to pay off hacking groups to leave it alone, and a number of episodes of the network’s most high-profile shows were posted online ahead of their air dates by pirates.

According to Variety, the latest hack was launched by a group claiming that it was “just testing security,” and which was unlikely to be affiliated with any of the other hacking groups that have hit the network of late. (Presumably, it’s just open season right now for anybody looking to make their name in the online underground by publicly dunking on HBO.) It looks like the network is attempting to take down the offending posts, but so far they seem to be popping back with dogged regularity on the company’s feed.