Even though Amy Schumer and Sarah Silverman have proven that it is possible to say the word “vagina” a lot and still have people like you, Whitney Cummings continues to get work. Cummings’ newest project was announced today by HBO, which has ordered a pilot for a half-hour comedy created, written by, and starring Cummings. The series will be “inspired by” Maureen Dowd’s 2005 book Are Men Necessary? When Sexes Collide, which, like Cummings herself, presented a provocative, uncompromising point of view without being laugh-out-loud funny, per se.

Deadline says that the series will blend documentary and fiction, with “appearances from experts to help the characters understand the biological basis of their behavior,” biology having never been used as the basis for gross generalizations about gender. This will be the fourth time someone has put Whitney Cummings in charge of a TV series—her eponymous NBC sitcom and E! talk show were both canceled, but 2 Broke Girls was recently renewed for a fifth season by CBS.


Oh, and HBO also ordered a Whitney Cummings stand-up special, in case that’s something you would like to watch. No date has been set for the as-yet-untitled pilot, but the stand-up special will air sometime next year.