HBO's past attempts to reunite with James Gandolfini have included developing shows in which he plays a cab driver and a researcher toiling in the Antarctic, before awkwardly "bumping into" him at a bar they know full well he frequents, then getting way too drunk and clingy. But before things turn even creepier, they're taking another stab at legitimately bringing him back to the network with the drama pilot Criminal Justice from screenwriters Steven Zaillian and Richard Price, where Gandolfini would star as a "disheveled jailhouse lawyer" working the case of a young Pakistani man who borrowed his father's cab and woke up from a wild night next to a murdered "party girl." Though its somewhat-bland title would suggest it's based on every legal procedural ever, Criminal Justice is actually, specifically based on the BBC show of the same name, each series of which followed a different person's journey through the legal system. But in the American version, should the show continue beyond its first season, Gandolfini is expected to return as its central character, of course—because HBO isn't letting go of him that easily again. "Who's going to love you like HBO loves you?" they'll say, as they fry up a big plate of sausage and peppers.