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At a point in its life where it just doesn’t want to, like, question things anymore, HBO has decided to settle down with a third season of Girls, even agreeing to spend a total of 12 episodes together next time, but also not trying to put any pressure on, you know, "defining" their relationship. The renewal likely doesn’t come as a surprise, considering that it was presaged by signs like producer Judd Apatow talking about a third season back in November, co-showrunner Jenni Konner renewing her contract with HBO, Lena Dunham saying on Alec Baldwin’s Here’s The Thing podcast that the next season starts shooting in March, and archaeologists uncovering a series of ancient Sumerian cuneiforms complaining about Lena Dunham’s book deal. But anyway, now that it’s all settled, HBO and Girls can relax and see where this goes for another year, and maybe just try to live their lives now. For instance, maybe HBO wants to go with Girls to this cool art gallery—or, not really like an art gallery, but like a warehouse party where there’s also gonna be people doing this sort of street art thing? Whatever, it will be fun.


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