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HBO is developing an anthology with Humpday director Lynn Shelton

Lynn Shelton. Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Hungry for more easily packaged, season-sized bites of TV goodness, HBO has ordered yet another anthology series to go along with True Detective and the yet-untitled comedy it’s developing with Judd Apatow and Flight Of The Conchords’ Jemaine Clement. The new show, Family Drama, comes from Humpday and Laggies director Lynn Shelton, and, despite what the name suggests, is being pitched as a comedy—albeit one about deeply dysfunctional family units.

According to The Wrap, the show will focus on a different troubled family every season—kind of like True Detective, except instead of shifting from Lovecraft-tinged horror to a gritty tale of corruption, it’ll be about people who leave dirty dishes in the sink, or forget to turn the lights off when they exit a room. Shelton will be working on the show with her frequent collaborator Megan Griffiths, as well as True Detective executive producer Gregg Fienberg. There’s no word yet on casting, although Shelton’s back catalog contains some fairly big names—including Ellen Page, Keira Knightley, and Rosemarie DeWitt—who might be happy to take a one-season stint in Anthology Land before flying off again with a fresh sheen of quality TV buzz.


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