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HBO hackers release executive’s emails, including some Game Of Thrones plans

(Photo: HBO, Helen Sloan)

The recent HBO hack continues to look worse and worse. Last week, we reported that the hackers had gained access to at least one HBO executive’s corporate email account, giving them access to a bunch of personal information, and now the hackers have begun releasing some of the information they’ve uncovered. According to The Hollywood Reporter, most of the leaks are related to Game Of Thrones, and though the site won’t give any specifics, we know that they include “marketing spreadsheets and media plans,” and files with labels like “Confidential” and “Script GOT7.”

The “Confidential” folder apparently contains a screenshot of a bunch of other files that are mostly about Game Of Thrones, including casting information, script summaries, and “a detailed summary” of the episode that will air on August 13. Again, THR won’t give any specifics, but at the very least it seems possible that some huge Game Of Thrones spoilers are now making their way online.


The hackers also sent a video ransom note to HBO CEO Richard Plepler, which reportedly “unfolds as a scroll set to ominous music” and demands money in exchange for an end to the leaks. HBO has released a statement that mostly reiterates what it said last week, which was that it’s conducting a forensic review into what happened and that it still believes that the email system itself is secure.

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