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HBO Go's new ads capture the awkwardness of watching HBO with your family

The folks at HBO possess an astoundingly acute sense of what it’s like to watch their shows with your parents in the room. The ads for the new HBO Go app feature a family who presumably shares one HBO-equipped television, with the all-too-familiar awkwardness that ensues when parents, say, pass through during an elongated sex scene. One video captures the moments where Mom and Dad can’t keep track of who’s who in Game Of Thrones (and swear that Paul Rudd plays Jon Snow), while another features Dad unnecessarily swearing that he’s always been more faithful than True Detective’s Marty Hart. Watch all the compelling reasons for getting your own HBO Go alone time below. After all, like Dad says, if Girls’ Hannah can turn Adam down for anal, you have the right to speak up, because it’s your body.

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