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Time Warner and Netflix have never had the healthiest relationship. Netflix used to admire HBO, but then Time Warner got all passive aggressive, and Netflix started fighting with ISPs and throwing shade at all cable companies—including Time Warner Cable—without even considering all the licensing agreements Time Warner gave it for Christmas a couple of years ago. Now Time Warner is finally fed up, and it might just start working on its own version of Netflix.

“We’re trying to be best-in-class to have a platform that could not only deliver HBO networks, but also Turner network and frankly other networks,” said Jeff Bewkes, Time Warner CEO. This could potentially mean pulling all Turner Broadcasting and Warner Bros. programming from Netflix and adding it to HBO Go, plus adding elsewhere-created content. HBO Go is already providing streaming-only service to other countries, so it may only be a matter of time before it and Netflix engage in a full-blown battle that will surely end in death.


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