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HBO gives its blessing to Danny McBride's new series about asshole TV preachers

Danny McBride and John Goodman, who’ll co-star in the upcoming The Righteous Gemstones.
Photo: Jason LaVeris/Noam Galai (Getty Images)

Once again putting its faith in the mind, soul, and spirit that brought us vice principal Neal Gamby and Kenny Fucking Powers, HBO announced today that it’s given a series order to a third TV series from Danny McBride. As we reported previously, The Righteous Gemstones will star John Goodman and McBride as a father-son team of televangelists, trying to save America’s soul and also stay extremely rich—almost certainly not in that exact order.

McBride and producing partners Jody Hill and David Gordon Green have put together a typically fantastic comedy cast to work alongside himself and Goodman, with Adam Devine, Edi Patterson, Cassidy Freeman, Tim Baltz, Tony Cavalero, and GregAlan Williams all playing parts of the immediate and extended Gemstone family. And while making fun of hypocritical preachers is a time-honored element of American pop culture, we can be reasonably confident that McBride and his team—who recently finished shooting on the new Halloween film—will push that feeling of back-biting Christian “fellowship” to its nastiest extremes.


[via The Hollywood Reporter]

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