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HBO is reportedly prepping a reboot of its reality series Real Sex, more than 20 years after it first taught a young, naïve generation that sex is what happens between two to six people who love each other very much, and/or answered an ad for swingers looking for someone to dress up like a clown doll and pee on them. Vulture—which recently posted an oral (and occasionally anal) history of the show that ended in 2008—says the potential revival will kick off with a Jan. 2 pilot directed by Chris Moukarbel, whose documentary on the relentless self-blogging of Chris “Leave Britney Alone!” Crocker, Me @ The Zoo, proved he knows all about masturbatory experiences.


Of course, it won’t be called Real Sex anymore: Owing to the wide availability of real, amateur, often hairy and lumpy sex acts on the Internet, the show no longer purports to be revealing “real sex” to anyone. Instead, it will be called SEX / NOW, its modern, slash-separated title a nod to its focus on web-based sexual interactions, such as the “cam girl phenomenon” and online exhibitionist couple featured in the first episode. It’ll still have plenty of people on the street drunkenly admitting to doing weird sex stuff, though. Some things are timeless.

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