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HBO frees the first episode of The Newsroom for the people

Although you can already experience Aaron Sorkin's The Newsroom simply by sticking your head out the window and listening for the status quo-crumbling reverberations of The Truth, a message as important as the call for integrity in television journalism must be heard by as many comatose citizens as possible, so they can realize that they suck. Thus, in the spirit of the Land of the Free—but are we really?—HBO has made the first episode of The Newsroom available to everyone, subscriber and non-subscriber alike, for no charge through its website, YouTube, DailyMotion, iTunes, and TV.com, where it will continue to entertain and educate until July 23. Freeing the message from the shackles of corporate bureaucracies is, after all, what The Newsroom is about, at least for the next couple of weeks.


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