Six Feet Under and True Blood creator Alan Ball’s new HBO drama All Signs Of Death has been rejected by the network, who passed on the pilot today, possibly while saying, “Really, Alan? More death stuff?” in a mock-scolding tone that lets him know that, no, we’re all friends here, but still, the whole death obsession thing is getting to be a bit much. The show—based on Charlie Huston’s noir novel, The Mystic Arts Of Erasing All Signs Of Death—concerned a twentysomething slacker suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder who becomes entangled in a murder-mystery after joining a crime scene clean-up crew. There’s no word on why the network didn't go for it, although The Hollywood Reporter does hint that it will “keep Ball focused on his hit True Blood,” so we wouldn't be surprised if that’s a factor. One dark dramedy on the fragility of human life at a time, Alan.