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HBO developing The Kids Are All Right as a TV show

Adding to the increasingly long list of recent movie-to-TV adaptations (that we most recently rehashed and linked and everything here, so just check that out) is a prospective HBO drama series based on Lisa Chodelenko’s Best Picture nominee, The Kids Are All Right. Aiming to pick up right where the movie left off—except that now everyone looks totally different—the show would continue the “adventures” of a lesbian couple, their teenaged son and daughter, and the sperm donor who tears them apart with his hirsute, Mark Ruffaloian magnetism, which is so powerful it can make even lesbians briefly question their sexuality. And considering Chodolenko’s film was less about a plotline and more about just hanging out with her characters, it certainly seems like a solid basis for a weekly show. Though obviously, those are several very tough acts to follow.


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