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HBO developing Game Change sequel about the 2012 election we thought we all agreed we'd never speak of again

Though we had all agreed that no one should ever speak of the 2012 election ever again unless it is in the service of mocking Karl Rove, the authors of Game Change obviously feel differently, because that's where their money is. So Mark Halperin and John Heilemann are now penning a sequel to Game Change—one that is sadly not Game Change 2: The Rise Of Todd, but rather an all-new exposé that promises to "create the lasting story of the 2012 race for the presidency" that has until now gone so woefully unexplored. Titled Double Down, in reference to the way sitting through it all was as enriching for the national body as eating a double-fried-chicken-and-bacon sandwich, the yet-to-be-completed book has already been optioned for another possible movie by HBO. That means in a couple years or so, we might all get to relive the whimsical follies of Rick Perry and Herman Cain, binders and Big Bird, and then maybe Mitt Romney could finally have his dream realized of having Gene Hackman play him in a movie, despite Gene Hackman looking nothing at all like Mitt Romney and being retired from acting. And as long as we're fulfilling dreams here, maybe this time Romney wins.


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