Last night’s Game Of Thrones finale prompted HBO to remind viewers that it still has plenty of other shows and movies on the network to fill the void until next season—shows that, while they are not more installments of the fantasy saga, retain certain elements its fans may find appealing. For example, do you thrill to the way Game Of Thrones characters fight for the honor of their own names, and speak ominously of single-minded evils lumbering toward them? Then check back into The Newsroom, as Will McAvoy and company fend off an angry Tea Party, stand watch over the vaguely defined threats of Occupy Wall Street, and track the stiff-legged movements of White Walker Mitt Romney.

Do you delight in the way the Game Of Thrones world sees petty grievances and presumed insults snowball into elaborate revenge schemes? Then watch as Clear History’s wizard-bearded wildling Larry David squares off against Jon Hamm over what to call a car—a slight that erupts into an all-consuming war of words said in increasingly incredulous tones.

Do you like shows where people die a lot? Good, because Boardwalk Empire is back. Hey look, it’s Jeffrey Wright and Ron Livingston! Maybe don’t get too attached.

And how are you fixed for series in which people with British accents embark on desperate searches across desolate wastelands? Quite well, actually, now that Stephen Merchant’s Hello Ladies is here to chronicle his sad love life across the L.A. singles scene.

And finally, here’s another show about reinstating the “one true king,” a man who’s every bit as sadistic and megalomaniacal as Joffrey, yet he’d be a lot more fun to hang out with: Eastbound And Down’s Kenny Powers, returning for one final season. See? You’re all set.