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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.
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Suggesting we have only begun to reckon with the terrible power that Entertainment Weekly wields, HBO is reportedly in talks about another season of The Comeback, shortly after EW quoted creator Michael Patrick King as saying he was interested in pursuing one. In that article, King related how he and Lisa Kudrow would meet occasionally and toss around ideas for what Valerie Cherish would be doing now, besides making everyone on Dancing With The Stars look like a paragon of aging gracefully. And last year, Kudrow appeared on Bravo’s own show about sacrificing dignity for attention, Watch What Happens Live, where she told Andy Cohen she envisioned Valerie on a Real Housewives-like Bravo show and “taking classes at the Actor’s Studio, just because.” Any and all of these ideas could actually pan out, now that HBO is reportedly in preliminary talks about reviving The Comeback as a limited series. And if HBO is just bringing back whatever Entertainment Weekly tells it to, perhaps the latter should get an interview with David Milch about Deadwood posthaste.


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