There’s some pretty, pretty (pretty) good news this morning for fans of Curb Your Enthusiasm—HBO Comedy has announced via press release that it will air all eight seasons of the show beginning October 1. Four episodes will be presented back-to-back (to-back-to-back) every weeknight starting at 8 p.m. ET/PT. The entire series is also currently available on HBO Now and HBO GO, but these four-episode blocks are a nice treat for those of us who haven’t cut the cord and/or watch TV on a TV. Still, this probably wasn’t what Jeff Garlin was referring to when he said there was a “decent chance” there would be more episodes of Curb. He wasn’t the only one feeling slightly optimistic: HBO president Michael Lombardo recently claimed that Larry David had shown him a notebook of ideas for season nine. But last year, David said that while he remains hopeful of producing more episodes, he’s mostly out of ideas.