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After the horrors of World War II were at last justified by the number of Emmys it brought HBO, the network's Michael Lombardo and Richard Plepler telling French reporters (via The Playlist) they're considering developing a third miniseries to follow its past glories of Band Of Brothers and The Pacific, this time focusing on the war's aerial battles. "Over Macho Grande?" the reporters asked. "No, we don't think we'll ever get over Macho Grande," Lombardo and Plepler replied, adding that, fortunately for them, Macho Grande isn't actually one of the WWII battle sites in the Pacific anyway, which is where this third miniseries might take place. And while there is, as yet, no official involvement of Steven Spielberg or Tom Hanks, the mere mention of "World War II" suddenly caused both men to stop wherever they were and stare somberly into the distance, with Hanks thinking again of all the sacrifices The Greatest Generation made, and whispering a heartfelt, "Fuuuuuuck."


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