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In order to make room for the dozens of shows it currently has in development—and because the network has a self-issued edict to only air original programming on Sunday nights—HBO has made the unprecedented decision to cull three of its series all at once. Variety reports that Bored To Death, Hung, and How To Make It In America have all been canceled in one swift move of execution, with only the freshman comedy Enlightened being spared and issued a renewal—something of a surprise, considering Enlightened (while championed by critics) was the lowest-rated of the four. Of course the highest-rated, Hung, still suffered a nearly 50-percent drop in viewership between last season and this one, while both Bored To Death and How To Make It In America were down around 25 percent. The quick decision to cancel all three of those leaves several cliffhangers that will never be answered—possible murders, incestuous romances, uh, jeans orders at Gadzooks. You will be left wondering about at least two of those forever.


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