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HBO announces return date for Eastbound And Down

In an announcement that contains way too few mentions of Kenny Powers’ dick, HBO has confirmed that Eastbound And Down will return for its second season on September 26. The Danny McBride-starring comedy about a foulmouthed, lovably misogynistic, disgraced former baseball player who has yet to opine on what a pussy Kevin Costner is will hopefully remedy that in its second go-around, which finds Powers relocating to Mexico and working his considerable wiles on his new team owner, to be played by Nacho Libre’s Ana De La Reguera. The new setting means all of the original supporting cast (yes, including Katy Mixon, whose considerable assets are required in CBS’ “fat people are capable of love, too” sitcom, Mike And Molly) will be absent save the occasional cameo—except for Steve “Stevie Janowski” Little, who will track Powers down and presumably angle once more for his promised assistant’s position. Observe And Report’s Michael Peña will also be joining the new team. HBO recently debuted a quick teaser for the second season, which you can check out below.

Kenny Powers Is Back In September


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