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HBO announces première dates for Game Of Thrones, shows that are not Game Of Thrones

Illustration for article titled HBO announces première dates for emGame Of Thrones/em, shows that are not emGame Of Thrones/em

HBO has announced that Game Of Thrones will return on April 1—the first April day of all those possible April days that were hinted at in November’s second season preview. Now that you have a more concrete idea of when you’ll see the show again, you can begin to plan accordingly, such as dedicating yourself to reading at least the first two books in George R.R. Martin’s saga so you can take part in our “Experts” T.V. Club reviews, and then get upset when people start bringing up plotlines from Book Five. Or at the very least, you could purchase the first season DVD when it’s released on March 6 and catch up on everything you’ve missed so far, then get upset after you watch the finale. There are lots of ways to get upset with Game Of Thrones, is what we’re saying. Come join in the fun! Also coming to HBO that month will be Lena Dunham’s Girls (April 15), the Armando Iannucci-produced, Julia Louis-Dreyfus-starring Veep (April 22), while March 10 will now see the debut of the John McCain/Sarah Palin TV movie Game Change—all of which also concern their own particular power struggles and upsetting things.


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