In between snickering about awards shows, Ricky Gervais still makes things—most recently developing the comedy Life’s Too Short, in which Warwick Davis is short and this is funny. And of course, there’s a wee bit [<—- !!!!!] more to it than that, with Davis playing a slightly fictionalized version of himself who’s rebounding from a struggling career by launching Dwarves For Hire, a talent agency specifically for little people but not Chicago punk bands. Gervais (naturally) has described it as “a cross between The Office and Extras” for obvious reasons. Now the show has an official U.S. debut date, with HBO announcing via press release that it will debut Life’s Too Short on February 19, right after the third-season première of Eastbound And Down, another show about down-on-their-luck sorts staging a comeback. As most fans know, Danny McBride and Jody Hill have said this will likely be the final chapter for Kenny Powers, who was last seen vowing to suck his dream’s dick in Myrtle Beach under the direction of Matthew McConaughey. Will Kenny succeed, and will he find even more colorful blowjob metaphors to express that personal growth? You’ll find out soon enough, but in the meantime here’s a teaser, something something tickling balls.