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HBO and Time Warner Cable finally reconcile over HBO Go

Just in time for the holidays, HBO parent company Time Warner has finally made amends with its former progeny Time Warner Cable and agreed to offer HBO Go to its subscribers within the month. Ever since its debut in 2010, Time Warner Cable had been the largest provider in the nation to be without the streaming service, with execs for Time Warner—which severed ties with its cable kid in 2009, their relationship pretty much existing in name only and marked by the occasional awkward phone call—saying just a couple of weeks ago that it was because Time Warner Cable had done such a poor job of promoting its multi-platform TV Everywhere initiative.

It’s like, they weren’t mad or anything, but they just expected more from them, especially when they go to the country club and they hear about all the great things that all the other cable companies are doing for their former parent conglomerates. For example, did you know Cablevision sends AT&T a nice letter every year letting it know everything it’s been up to, and just to see how AT&T is doing? An actual, handwritten letter. Time Warner can’t remember the last time it got so much as an email that wasn’t just asking for more money, or if it could borrow this or that license. Anyway, Time Warner Cable has apparently been guilted into trying harder, because they’ve had some sort of familial reconciliation with their estranged parent—encouraged, no doubt, by the example of HBO’s fine, fine incest programming.


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