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Hayley Atwell does not approve of that Civil War kiss either

Captain America: The First Avenger

Like most human beings who saw Captain America: Civil War, Hayley Atwell was less than thrilled with that super awkward kiss between Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) and his nominal love interest Sharon Carter (Emily VanCamp), great-niece of Cap’s former flame Peggy Carter. Atwell has some authority on the matter, given that she played Peggy in both the Marvel Cinematic Universe and on her own TV show—at least before she was killed off in one and cancelled on the other. When asked during a recent Dallas Comic Con how Peggy would’ve reacted to the kiss, Atwell explained:

Well, first of all she’d be turning over in her grave. She’d be like “no.” And she’d inject herself with the blue serum and become a super villain. She’d break out of her coffin and ground [Sharon]. She’d ground her. Then she’d kick Steve’s ass as well.


IGN is careful to note Atwell was smiling as she ribbed the movie, but she went on to add:

I just feel that, you know—I wouldn’t want to date my great aunt’s guy. It just feels like it crosses an incestuous boundary. And Peggy just died. That’s even more disrespectful, right? It’s like, “don’t touch that.” You can’t tap that!

Atwell—who, it should be said, provided the MCU’s best kiss in one of her Dubsmashes—also referenced the recent comic book reveal that Captain America is a Hydra agent as evidence that the romance is doomed: “Now with this whole ‘Hail Hydra’ business, I don’t know if Steve’s good enough for [Sharon]. So on all levels, it’s just a big fat no.”

Those similarly disturbed by Steve keeping things “in the family” when it comes to his love life can take solace in the fact that Atwell is on your side. Meanwhile, those who were annoyed by the kiss because they felt Steve should be kissing Bucky Barnes will just have to settle for this fan photo instead:


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