Hayden Christensen has signed on to star in Untot, an action-horror film set during World War II. German for “undead,” Untot follows Lt. Fredrick Hank (Christensen) as he leads an elite military unit behind enemy lines to take down a hidden Nazi weapons facility. Dropped into the Polish mountains during a blizzard, the commandos discover that the only thing worse than Nazis are Nazi zombies. They’re like regular Nazis, except they’re coarse, rough, irritating, and they get everywhere.

As Edmund Burke once said, all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men refrain from shooting, stabbing, or bludgeoning Nazi zombies. Bringing this adage to the big screen is Kris Renkewitz, a veteran comic-book artist and video game director who also wrote the script. Solaris entertainment is producing Untot, and filming is expected to begin in March.