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Hawaii just as sick of "McLovin" as you are

Included in the special two-disc DVD set of Superbad (that we're obligated to tell you about because we're slavish Apatow fanboys) is a replica of the thing that spawned this year's most annoying catchphrase: The fake Hawaiian driver's license sported by asthmatic man of action McLovin. Unfortunately, not everyone is laughing: The Honolulu Star-Bulletin reports that Hawaiian officials are outraged, saying, "The city said the license is close enough for nefarious individuals to copy and reproduce with a photo replacing that of a hologram of the movie's characters. So concerned was the mayor that he notified the Department of Homeland Security." Wal-Mart has already complied with the mayor's demand that local stores pull the DVD from its shelves, and such a recall could extend to all of its outlets. Smart move, otherwise teens all up and down the west coast could be hopping a five-hour flight just to score a little Boone's Farm.


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