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Have your very own Midsommar adventures with this bear in a cage toy from A24

Ari Aster’s Midsommar immerses viewers in a bright and colorful world of rituals, flowers, herbal teas, and dancing—it’s enviably soothing, is the thing. But why let those pleasant Swedish cult folk have all the fun? This summer, you, too can bring home the joy and wonder of Midsommar without all that pesky terror with A24's Bear In A Cage. What is it? It’s a bear! Yes, but...It’s a bear! Okay, but how...It’s a bear. It’s a bear, it’s a bear, it’s a bear. More specifically, it’s a new toy inspired by one of the most memorable characters in Midsommar, a bear in a cage, whose role in the film is fairly minor—but, as they say in the theatre, there are no small parts. Only small parts that can can present a choking hazard to toddlers, but you won’t find any of those in A24's Bear In A Cage toy, which has its very own commercial featuring extremely happy children with flowers in their hair, fawning over a bear in a cage.

The ad even includes the bear’s big introductory moment in Midsommar, when tourists Connie and Simon ask, “What’s up with the bear?” To which their dutiful host responds, “It’s a bear.” It’s a bear! Just like the jingle! And you can purchase your very own Bear In A Cage for just $32. The limited edition toy is available for purchase tomorrow, July 10, on the official A24 website (psychedelic tea and mallet not included). You’re going to want to act fast because they’re only releasing 75 of these babies and you don’t want to be the lame-o parent who didn’t get a Bear In A Cage for little Kale or Atticus or whatever gluten-free name you’ve given your child.


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