Raiders Of The Lost Ark

Since Disney acquired Lucasfilm in 2012, the Mouse House has been aggressively marketing Star Wars, neglecting the company’s other potential revenue streams/beloved film franchises. Now Disney is getting around to exploiting another Lucasfilm property by opening an Indiana Jones-themed bar at Walt Disney World Resorts in Orlando, Florida, a sort of adult version of the Millennium Falcon play land featured on its cruise line.

Unfortunately, the new bar and restaurant will not be a real-life version of Club Obi-Wan, which seems like a real missed opportunity. Instead, it will be an airplane-hanger themed bar named after Indy’s pilot and snake owner Jock Lindsey, who saved Indy from the Hovitos in Raiders Of The Lost Ark. The restaurant will feature Indy themed drinks and food such as the “Hovito Mojito” and “Rolling Boulder Meatballs.” No word on nightly whiskey drinking contests, “Snake Surprise,” or “Chilled Monkey Brains” being featured on the menu, nor on when the bar will actually open—although, with Disney developing a new chapter in the Indiana Jones series, it’ll probably be soon.