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Have a flop and purr at this chronicle of the Algonquin Hotel's annual cat fashion show

Photo: Neilson Barnard (Getty Images)

Joe DiMeowgio. Cannoli. Wasabi. Folds. Forget the teens of Euphoria, for these friends are the Next Big Thing. They proved as much at New York City’s Algonquin Hotel, which blesses itself (and us) every year with a kitty fashion show that benefits the Mayor’s Alliance For NYC Animals. The Cut attended the event this past weekend and has returned, covered in fur, with tales and photos of the buddies and their, er, enthusiastic owners.

Writes The Cut’s Madeleine Aggeler:

The guests, most of them clad in tasteful feline-themed clothing and accessories, milled about the lobby, sipping wine and balancing small plates of sweaty cheese and charcuterie — and, of course, discussing cats. One woman tells me she’s working on a podcast about cats. “Well, it’s not about cats exactly … it’s still in production.” Another asks me if I have cats, and when I tell her I have a dog, says, witheringly, “I could tell.”


She also writes Hamlet VIII, the hotel’s resident cat and the event’s “host-slash-producer.” Clad in a bowtie, he spent the evening huddled behind the front desk in his bowtie, though his own reiki healer was on hand to chat. “Hamlet needed a lot of reiki, because he needed to be on all the time, plus the residual angst of being abandoned,” she said.


A FIT-certified pet fashion designer—there’s still time to change your major, kids—named Ada Nieves put together the outfits, which aim to represent a different country. Cannoli, for example, wore the cat equivalent of lederhosen, while its counterpart, Wasabi (who’s in the upcoming season of Succession, apparently), donned a red silk jacket with a dragon on the back. Other cats evoke British punk with a Mohawk, channel ancient Egypt with a pharaoh’s headdress, or aim for MAGA-chic in red, white, and blue.


To see more photos and read about the evening’s photography drama and cat-themed opera performance, check out the full piece here.

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