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Hasbro unveils new line of Baby Yoda toys, coming to a collector's pristine toy shelf in 2020

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Screenshot: The Mandalorian (Disney+)

Based on how quickly things move on the internet, we’re due for the Baby Yoda backlash to kick in… right about now (just watch, on this week’s Mandalorian it’s going to tweet something problematic). Disney is apparently hoping we’ll stick it out for a few months, though, because CNBC is reporting that Hasbro is ready to launch a new line of Baby Yoda merchandise in spring of 2020. As you probably now from our thorough coverage of the little thing, Disney was unable to prepare any Baby Yoda tie-in products early, because it wanted to retain the surprise of the character’s reveal at the end of The Mandalorian’s first episode. That has forced ravenous Baby Yoda fans to turn to shitty Old Yoda toys, a reasonably good meme where Baby Yoda plays with the Mandalorian’s stereo, and a truly timeless tattoo of Baby Yoda drinking a White Claw.

But now we’re getting real toys! (Or at least in a few months.) They include a figure in the Black Series toy line that will presumably be scaled to the actual Mandalorian figure that is also coming next year, and it includes “multiple points of articulation,” a cup of soup to sip, and one of those little frogs that Baby Yoda kept trying to eat. There will also be mini figurines of Baby Yoda in various poses, like eating a frog, reaching for something, grabbing that knob from the ship, and eating soup. They’re clearly leaning into the cuteness thing, even though they don’t really have the effortless cute factor of, say, Porg toys.


There will also be a talking plush that you can squeeze to make sounds. Our friends at i09 shared this terrifying clip that should help jumpstart that Baby Yoda backlash we mentioned up above. Just look at the weird zoom on its face!

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