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Harvey Weinstein super serious about fighting the MPAA ratings on Blue Valentine and The King's Speech

Harvey Weinstein has assembled an impressive legal team to take on the MPAA, after the ratings board composed primarily of 19th-century Baptist ministers and the brine-preserved corpse of Carrie A. Nation handed out an NC-17 rating to Blue Valentine, for its perverse depiction of sad married people sex, and an R rating to The King’s Speech, in which Colin Firth’s stuttering monarch, at the urging of his speech therapist, unleashes a cathartic string of profanity that is every bit as horrible as seeing a piranha barf up a severed dick. Weinstein’s cadre of high-profile lawyers includes David Boies, who famously took on the cases of United States v. Microsoft, Bush v. Gore, and Perry v. Schwarzenegger, which proves that Weinstein is truly out for MPAA blood here, a gory evisceration that would earn him a PG-13 so long as no one said “fuck” and there weren’t any titties.


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