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Harvey Weinstein gets the PG-13 rating he wanted for 3 Generations

3 Generations

Earlier this month, we reported that Harvey Weinstein was fighting with the MPAA about the organization’s decision to give 3 Generations—a movie about Elle Fanning as a transgender teen—an R rating. The MPAA said its decision was because the movie contained “some sexual references,” but Weinstein wanted it knocked down to a PG-13 so 3 Generations could be shown in high schools. Now, according to The Hollywood Reporter, The Weinstein Company has decided to make some edits to the film, and after screening the new cut for the MPAA, it has been given Weinstein’s coveted PG-13.

Interestingly, the MPAA has adamantly denied that Weinstein’s campaigning convinced it to change the rating, as “no outside groups have any influence on the rating process.” Futhermore, The Weinstein Company’s decision to simply edit some of the more R-rated content out of the movie came on the recommendation of GLAAD, which supported Weinstein’s mission to make it so young people could see the film. Rather than continuing to fight, GLAAD simply suggested removing some of the “mature thematic content” and getting the PG-13 the easy way.


In a statement, Weinstein said that ogranizations like GLAAD “are the reason we are able to move this country forward and really shift the cultural conversations,” and he says he’s “thrilled” that they were all able to come to a “solution that maintains the integrity of this crucial film while making it accessible to its intended audience.”

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