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Harvey Dent and Hugo Strange will also show up on Fox’s Gotham

Hugo Strange from Batman: Arkham City

Bruno Heller, the showrunner for Fox’s Gotham, recently sat down with IGN to talk about a few more iconic Batman villains that will show up on the series. Of course, Gotham takes place many years before any of these people will do the things that make them iconic in the first place—other than a certain mugger—but it’s alright, because it’s not like this entire TV series is based on the idea of it being fun to name-drop famous comic book characters.

The first villain that Heller reveals is, fittingly, Professor Hugo Strange—not to be confused with Doctor Strange—one of the very first supervillains that Batman ever fought in the comics. This incarnation of Strange will be an employee of some sort at Arkham Asylum, and Heller says he’s going to be used to establish why the self-described hospital “For The Criminally Insane” is so historically terrible at actually keeping dangerous crazy people locked up. Since long-term inmates like The Joker and Two-Face aren’t going to be taking up residence there for quite some time, we imagine it will at least be slightly nicer in Gotham than it usually is in Batman stories.


Speaking of Two-Face, Heller told IGN that Harvey Dent will be showing up on Gotham as well. Rather than being a friend or classmate of the young Bruce Wayne, though, Dent will be “slightly older” and closer to the age of Ben Mckenzie’s Jim Gordon. Also, every time he appears on screen, someone will probably refer to him as “two-faced” and then almost splash a bunch of acid on his face or almost set him on fire or whatever, just in case the viewers at home don’t know who he is.

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