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Harvey Birdman is back, and he's got to save America from a (fictional) deranged president

It’s been more than a decade since Harvey Birdman, Esquire last had his day in court, defending a variety of deranged Hanna-Barbera characters from the firm but ladylike hand of justice. Earlier this year, Adult Swim announced that the beloved series would soon be coming back, though, with a half-hour special in which Gary Cole’s long-suffering superhero attorney has to save America from his former boss, Stephen Colbert-voiced insane billionaire-turned-president Phil Ken Sebben.


Now, the network has released the first clip from the special, and, as advertised, Phil has gone completely mad with unwanted power, launching nukes at Washington and demanding he be impeached. Will Harvey be able to save America from a despot who doesn’t actually want rule it? Will Mentok The Mindtaker take his rightful place as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court? Did you get that thing we sent you? All this, and more, will hopefully be revealed when the special premieres on October 14.

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