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For those who have been waiting for a definitive album announcement since Harry Styles turned theLights Up” last month, it appears that today is your lucky day. The ex-One Directioner made sure to drop all the pertinent info via his social media almost two weeks ahead of his Saturday Night Live hosting gig. Per a recent Instagram post, the new album will be titled Fine Line, which fans can finally hold in their eager, presumably digital paws on December 13, per the caption.


The post also includes a peek at the album’s flirty cover. The fish-eyed glance looks appropriately fun, with the sky blue walls and Styles’ sassily cocked hip and the cotton candy pink—wait, what the fuck is up with that leather-clad hand in the corner?! Kind of distracts from the nice outfit, don’t you think?

“Lights Up” was a look at a more free-spirited Styles, which we hope will carry throughout the rest of the new album. If you haven’t already checked out the woefully short music video, take a look below.

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