According to Variety, Domhnall Gleeson will join Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy in The Revenant, a Western about bear-attack victim Hugh Glass. Don’t confuse it for a certain Werner Herzog documentary, though, as Glass actually recovers and goes to get revenge on the people who allowed him to be mauled by a bear in the first place. DiCaprio will play Glass, with Hardy and Gleeson most likely playing the targets of his revenge.

Though he’s set to play Someone Secret in Star Wars: Episode VII, Gleeson is probably best-known as Bill Weasley, the eldest Weasley son in the Harry Potter movies. We were going to make a joke about how it makes sense for Gleeson to play a guy who would abandon his friend after a bear attack since he played a guy who abandoned his family in the face of a Voldemort attack in that series, but that was actually Percy Weasley, not Bill. The joke obviously wouldn’t make any sense now, but we still felt the need to bring it up because it would’ve been a really good Harry Potter reference if it had worked. Oh well.


Anyway, The Revenant will be directed by Babel’s Alejandro González Iñárritu. Thankfully, he did not appear in any Harry Potter movies, so we won’t have to botch any more references to them. Frankly, we feel as disappointed about all of this as Harry did when Gandalf got killed by Draco Malfoy.