We probably wouldn’t keep covering Pogo (a.k.a. Nick Bertke) and his string of trancy remixes of dialogue from TV and movies if the end results were simply clever. But the fact is that Pogo’s songs make for damn good listening, with breezy, ethereal beats and well-sampled sounds that hold up long past the initial gimmick. Bertke’s latest release moves away from animated ladies like Wendy from Peter Pan or Alice In Wonderland to focus on one of the most beloved young women in recent film or literature: Hermione Granger.

The song, titled “Hermione Remix,” actually features most of the Harry Potter cast dropping a line or two, but the focus stays on Gryffindor’s most courageous brownnoser. (Although Rupert Grint steals the show as perpetual person-who-is-also-there Ron, with his sing-songy recitation of a fake Color Change Charm). Like all of Pogo’s remixes, it’s hypnotic and soothing, even if the videoput together by frequent Pogo collaborator Joshua Kershawdoes make you suddenly aware that 90 percent of Harry Potter is just people shouting nonsense words at each other.

[via Laughing Squid]