Befitting a TV series that constantly reinvents itself, Variety reports that Doctor Who will be retooled again, this time as a big-screen franchise under Harry Potter director David Yates. The BBC is overseeing the adaptation, which Yates says could take “two to three years to get it right,” adding, “It needs quite a radical transformation to take it into the bigger arena.” And you know what that means: Yates says he will “start from scratch” on the project, so it will have nothing to do with any of the recent Doctor Who reboots—including its current, Matt Smith-starring incarnation. Instead, Yates says he’s looking at new writers who can draw familiar elements from the long-running series but create their own reimagining, not unlike Bryan Singer’s recently stated goal to start all over again on Battlestar Galactica, despite there being a perfectly fine reinvention from just a few years ago. Fortunately, just as with Battlestar Galactica, fans of Doctor Who aren’t really known for being obsessive, so they’ll probably be cool with just whatever he wants to do, just as long as there's some scarves and robots in there.