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Harry Potter and the I.T. Guy: The muggle fixing Hogwarts’ technical difficulties

Photo illustration by Nick Wanserski

Nearly 20 years after the death of Voldemort, Hogwarts faces a new tormentor: technologies of the 21st century. Many witches and wizards, talented though they are in the area of loud bangs and smells and sudden disappearings, are yet unable to penetrate the veiled mysteries of weak wi-fi signals, faulty Bluetooth headsets, and Spotify. Rather than adding an I.T. lesson plan to the Muggle Studies syllabus, the school of witchcraft and wizardry must ask one American Muggle to act as their savior—self-described I.T. guy Jonathon Dart.

And lo, the magical world sees itself humbled again and again as Dart tends to their technical issues. At least that’s the conceit of The Setup Wizard, the perfect Tumblr for the Harry Potter lover in your life who isn’t getting enough from Pottermore.com or Harry Potter And The Cursed Child announcements. Dart details his life as the only Muggle at Hogwarts: facilitating the clash of magic and non-magical cultures; describing his day-to-day that includes the headmaster not memorizing his laptop password because he thought he could use the Alohomora spell; a change in “pure blood” attitudes toward Muggle-borns because they able to get their hands on smartphones and tablets; Dart’s inability to get drunk on Butterbeer and his strong desire for coffee in a country of tea lovers; and the loneliness of being both the I.T. guy and a Muggle.


He did just hire a magical assistant, American witch Emily Vargo, who is sharing the Tumblr with him. But with her magical abilities, combined with tech prowess, surely she could’ve gotten a higher-paying gig hacking into iPhones for the FBI.

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