Sometimes, it's difficult to tell whether Harrison Ford is kidding. (See: that earring,¬†Cowboys & Aliens.) This is one of those times.¬†A clip making the rounds claims to show footage of Ford's first-ever viewing of the¬†Indiana Jones¬†movies. Ford, hunched forward in front of a TV, can barely contain his riveted excitement:¬†"Go! Go, go, go," he cries breathlessly at the screen as Indiana Jones sprints just ahead of a giant, sinister rolling boulder. "Man, the graphics are so‚Ķ realistic," he murmurs, wide-eyed, as the janky computer-animated fire-gaze of an ancient spirit burns through the stomachs of two soldiers of the Third Reich.¬†This time, he's kidding. Or someone is, at least‚ÄĒthe video turns out to be¬†a clever repurposing of an IFC clip¬†in which Ford plays the¬†Indiana Jones-esque PS3 game "Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception" and is similarly astounded (but actually). Of course, no one would blame him if he never laid eyes on The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.