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Harrison Ford seems a little too excited to play Indiana Jones again

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Maybe it really was just Star Wars. Because although Harrison Ford’s press tour last December for Star Wars: Episode VII—The Force Awakens registered approximately a 0.3 on the Shit-chter scale, he seems positively upbeat about the prospect of once again donning that iconic, undoubtedly sweat-stained brown wool fedora.

Ford appeared, all bearded and beady-eyed and wearing that damn earring, on Jimmy Kimmel Live! last night. There, he got super pumped about his role in the upcoming fifth Indiana Jones movie, before admitting that he hadn’t actually seen the script for the movie, he’d just seen his contract. (Like we always say here at The A.V. Club, those vintage biplanes don’t buy themselves.)

Ford appeared so elated at the news, actually—and his mood swung so wildly during the interview, with the filthy rich 73-year-old turning suddenly somber at the mention of Steven Spielberg—that we’re kind of afraid he’s become a Scientologist. Has he been hanging out with Tom Cruise? Did Scientology offer him a free vacation at its Fort Harrison Hotel in Clearwater? He might have thought they built it especially for him, and felt obligated to at least go check it out. Did he get confused, and think that midichlorians and thetans were the same thing? Come on, Harrison, you weren’t even in that one!


Anyway, if anyone sees Harrison Ford walking around in Malibu or whatever, please let him know The A.V. Club is worried about him.

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