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Harrison Ford reacts in very Ford-like manner to accidentally punching Ryan Gosling

(Photo: Getty Images, Ian Gavan) / (Photo: Getty Images/WireImage, Steve Granitz)

The list of things Harrison Ford can do without ruining his cool reputation is nearly endless, and that apparently includes punching Ryan Gosling in the face. According to a recent profile of Gosling in GQ (via Collider), Ford accidentally clocked him while they were filming Blade Runner 2049, and while that alone might endear Ford to people who are jealous of Gosling’s handsome face and would like to see him taken down a peg, the way Ford reacted post-punch is basically the most Harrison Ford thing he’s ever done.

The two were filming a fight scene of some kind, and in the immediate aftermath of the punch, someone rushed over to Gosling with some ice for his face. Ford being Ford, though, he pushed everyone aside and put his fist in the ice instead, presumably while grumbling something mean-yet-charming about Gosling. Eventually, Ford did try to make amends to his co-star, but he did it in the sort of roguish way that Indiana Jones would make amends to somebody:

He came by afterward with this bottle of scotch, and I thought, “Oh, I knew this was coming.” And he pulled out a glass from his pocket, poured me a glass, and walked away with the rest of the bottle. So I guess he felt like he didn’t connect enough to earn a whole bottle.


In the end, Gosling seems to recognize that this was a pretty awesome experience, telling GQ, “they say don’t meet your heroes, but I would say the addendum to that is ‘…unless they’re Harrison Ford.’ Because he’s a cool motherfucker.” If only we could all be lucky enough to get punched by Harrison Ford.

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