Harrison Ford, star of the movies from which our modern day sequels stem, has ushered in a new generation of stars in the best way possible: by goofing on them relentlessly. Taking cues from his own history of ceaselessly owning Ryan Gosling in the lead-up to Blade Runner 2049's release, Ford has now set his sights on the next best target, the new Han Solo, Alden Ehrenreich.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Ehrenreich was discussing Solo: A Star Wars Story, mentioning Ford’s top-secret advice on playing the beloved character, when the man himself appeared. Why did he wander onto the interview set? To briefly haze his successor, of course.


Watch as the original Solo strolls into the shot (alongside director Ron Howard) to ask a startled Ehrenreich, in the middle of discussing Ford’s acting advice, what he’s talking about. Before the younger actor can collect himself, Ford orders him to “get out of my chair” and, best of all, “get out of my life.” Something’s bleeped, too, because Ford does not give a shit about decorum.

Lest anyone think the actor is an actual asshole, though, Ford follows his entrance by giving Ehrenreich a nice little hug and drops a dad joke about being in town for “an old timers’ convention” with talks on reverse mortgages. He also points to the interview chair, where true Solos their roguish butts, and says, of Ehrenreich, that “he earned it.” So all’s well that end’s well.


Elsewhere in the galaxy, nü-Lando Donald Glover, too, has recounted what he learned from Billy Dee Williams, whose role he’s taken on. Whether Williams gave his protege a noogie at the beginning of their chat is anyone’s guess, but, as Ford shows, welcoming the new generation into their roles is a process that puts it well within their rights.

[Via Vulture]

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