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Harrison Ford injured on Star Wars set

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For those who have long feared that Star Wars: Episode VII would somehow hurt the beloved originals, their dreaded day has come: Harrison Ford has been injured on set, according to an official statement from Disney, suffering some sort of damage to his ankle. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the 71-year-old actor got caught in the door of the Millennium Falcon—an image that could well be construed as a metaphor for the dangers of trying to recapture one’s glory days, of attempting to live again the carefree smuggler’s life of a younger man, to pilot the starships you once flew so freely, like the sweet space-bird of youth. In a way, are we not all Han Solos getting caught in the doors of our Millennium Falcons, our prideful boasts about still being “the fastest hunk of junk in the galaxy” turning ever more inward? Or it could just be an ordinary accident—a non-debilitating one that Disney notes will not derail shooting while Ford recuperates in a nearby hospital.


“Don’t worry, she’ll hold together,” Ford is no doubt telling his doctor about his ankle right this minute. “You hear me, baby?” he whispers. “Hold together.” 

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