Operating under the conspiratorial code of silence that has surrounded all Star Wars-related updates, Harrison Ford remained more reluctant than usual to acknowledge other humans speaking to him during his recent Entertainment Tonight interview, dodging queries about whether he would reprise his role as Han Solo in either J.J. Abrams’ film or in Anchorman 2, as we have exclusively theorized. And even if he does return as the Corellian smuggler turned “legendary newscaster,” just like Ford pushed for during Return Of The Jedi, he still thinks his character can and maybe should just be removed from the franchise altogether.

“It'd be easy enough to cut out. I don't think it's critical,” Ford said, before adopting an appropriately weird accent to note that filming was “bee-zarrrr.” Part of that strangeness may have had something to do with his scene partners, whom Ford says included “What’s His Name and the applesauce girl”—either because he’s Harrison Ford and he’s long past the point of paying attention to this shit, or because these are the names of bounty hunters, and even hiding out in the world of cable news, Han still has a price on his head.