Blade Runner 2 is one of those rare movie sequels that very few people will admit to wanting to see, but everybody will probably see anyway. How could you not? Blade Runner is the best, and its sequel will either be totally awesome or unbearably horrendous. That’s the kind of cinematic experience that you want to be on the ground floor of.

Now, depending on how much you value the opinion of certain cranky old man named Harrison Ford, the film looks like it could be ending up in the “totally awesome” category. Apparently, Ridley Scott—who directed the original and will probably maybe not direct the sequel—sent Ford the script, and he said that it’s the best thing he’s ever read. The best thing he has ever read!


Unfortunately, we have a couple of issues with this. For one, the source is an interview that Scott did with MTV, which means our information about Ford’s opinion isn’t coming from Ford himself. Plus, Scott has a lot to gain from making Blade Runner 2 sound good, since he’s the guy who wants to get it made. Finally, and this is the hardest point to ignore, Harrison Ford must have also thought that the script for Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull was good. According to Scott’s account of Ford’s opinion, Blade Runner 2 is at least a little better than that, though, so that’s got to count for something. Hopefully, we’ll find out how good Blade Runner 2 really is before we’re all replaced by highly advanced robots.