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Almost two years after Warner Bros. officially announced that it was making an Aquaman movie, Harriet Tubman—an actual American hero who did cooler stuff than Aquaman ever did—is finally getting a movie of her own as well. This comes from Deadline, which says the movie will be called Harriet and that Homeland director Seith Mann will be directing. There aren’t really any concrete details beyond that (other than stuff about what production companies are financing it), so at this point we don’t know if Harriet will be one of those wide-scope biopics that covers Tubman’s entire life or something more narrow that only covers a handful of specific moments. At the very least, there will hopefully be a scene where Tubman travels into the future and learns that she’s going to replace Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill, followed by a scene where someone helpfully informs her not to read the comments.

Though this will apparently somehow be the first Harriet Tubman movie, HBO is currently developing a TV biopic about her with Viola Davis set to star, and there was a Drunk History segment where Tubman was played by Octavia Spencer.


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