In a move that would have set the blogosphere aflame circa 2008-2009, Indiewire reports that Harmony Korine is working with Robert Pattinson on his latest film. Pattinson teased the possibility of a collaboration with Korine at Cannes, a rumor that was sort-of confirmed in a recent Esquire UK profile of Pattinson that simply states “Harmony Korine…is writing him a gangster movie, set in Miami.” This lines up with Korine’s recent assertion that he’s working on a “Southern Gothic family crime drama,” probably because the Florida thing worked out so well for him last time.

To his credit, Pattinson appears to be on a quest to become the Johnny Depp of his generation, actively seeking roles in films from name directors like Korine, Olivier Assayas, Werner Herzog, and David Cronenberg in an attempt to transition from a brooding teen idol to a brooding serious actor. Indiewire also says that it was Pattinson who called up Korine and asked if they could work together, presumably offering to rub his genitals on a trash can in front of a crowd of screaming teenage girls to sweeten the deal.